Insects aren’t the only visitors to my garden – lots of people have stopped to talk with me while I’m working outside. Early in 2018, I created an educational brochure and placed it in my garden for when I’m not there. You can view a PDF version of the brochure. (The illustrations of bee nests are from author Heather Holm’s posters and are used with her permission.)

I cover the requirements of a successful pollinator garden, and where to find native plants in the Ottawa area. I recently updated it to add pollinator-friendly garden maintenance tips. Over 150 brochure have been taken so far.

Brochures available in the garden

More help

Some people who visit are interested in starting their own pollinator garden, but seem apprehensive. With this web site, I want to bridge that gap between interest and action, to eliminate obstacles, and to give you the confidence to start your own garden. You can also help pollinators, and enrich your life along the way.